September 19, 2017

Janot, the General Attorney of Brazilian Republic, leaves his post demoralized – and leaves brazilian justice even more demoralized

Ended yesterday the mandate of Rodrigo Janot as General Attorney of Brazilian Republic. He leaves the post demoralized. And leaves justice even more demoralized. And also with serious problems. But that should not astonish anyone. Everything in the great institutions of Brazilian justice today is demoralization. From the Federal Public Prosecutor to the Supreme Court.
Janot could have played a mediating role in the political crisis that Brazil is undergoing, but he did not had the maturity and the competence to do so. He preferred, always, to act guided by the great staging of the main actors of the coup. Maybe, dreaming of becoming one of them.
He was always dazzled by the power, seeking to pose as a star, with this peculiar pretension to importance that carachterizes some of those who are eventually raised to positions of power.
In effect, Janot's mandate was some kind of a "canoe" type: he was driven by the tide, that is, by the media narrative and by the interests of the coup plot: conservative politicians and businessmen. Janot never lead: he followed the trail of events, just trying to appear for the cameras and searchlights.
The result of the incompetence and amateurism of his administration at the Attorney General's Office is the chaos in which the country was launched: large Brazilian companies are being liquidated; state-owned companies, some absolutely strategic for Brazil's sovereignty and development, are being sold to international companies; the public budget has been compromised, at minimum levels, causing the total scrapping of health and education for twenty years; unemployment is increasing at a rapid pace; the Brazilian justice system is demoralized; huge environmental reserves are being transferred to agribusiness; the country lost all positions it occupied on the international scene and the Temer gang remains in power, assisted by several other gangs, all together, under the eyes of the PGE, the Public Ministry, the STF, dismantling the country.
Janot leaves a cursed inheritance for Raquel Dodge, his sucessor: thousands of poorly instructed and unexplored cases. Prevailing justice, almost all Lava Jato operation, for example, will be reversed through the simple device of presenting conflicts between versions.