September 17, 2017

But, if this historical moment was dominated by the right, what explains such a long domain of the PT?

The notion of hegemony exists to understand that to exercise the power it is not fundamental to occupy, physically, the structure of the gouvernment. I think that the period we are talking about, which goes from 1979 to the current coup, is marked by a political hegemony of the ruling classes, even though we have had leftist governments, important social achievements and important social pressure for citizenship and social inclusion.

Despite these achievements, the oligarchies maintained their control over economic power and, more than that, progressed, both in the control of the means of production and in the ideological devices of support of their conservatism. Another important element is the fact that this hegemonic construction allowed the production of devices for the circulation of elites and for the consequent co-optation of a part of these elites to their power project.