August 02, 2017

About this blog

I’m not a English speaker but I would try to draft some notes about my country in these times of political violence and ascension of ignorance and fascism.
Besides this there’s an attempt to excel my English – and, as so, I’ll be grateful for any correction or suggestion that you could gently do.
There’s some three or four kinds of notes here: notes about politics on contemporary Brazil, considerations about the Brazilian conservatism, reflexions on Brazilian sociological tough and narratives of my encounters and dialogues with Brazilians in these hard times. Otherwise, this blog is like a notepad – or, as I say in the title of my other blog, a hupomnemata, something like a writing stuff, a diary, a list, a booklet.
As so, I present myself: I’m professor at Federal University of Pará, in Belém, (Amazon, Brazil), attached to two postgraduates programs: Sustainable Development of Humid Tropic, at the Nucleus for High Amazonian Studies (NAEA) and Communication, Culture and Amazon. I have a PhD on Sociology by University of Paris V (Sorbonne-Descartes), France, and a post-doctorate studies at Montreal University, in Canada. I work with sociology and ethnography of Amazonian populations and, in my civil life, I’m a very critical member of the Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT), or Labour Party, if you prefer, trying to understand what’s going on my country.
Finally I must say I’m very worried, really uneasy, with the ongoing process of putsch in the Brazilian democracy. A strange and unused, but real coup d’État. And this blog is about that. Let’s move on.